Demand characteristics of cold chain logistics in fresh food retail
Sep , 07 2020
Demand characteristics of cold chain logistics in fresh food retail

The logistics sector is one of the links connecting producers and consumers. It completes the physical movement of goods and the final delivery to consumers. Only when goods are delivered can this sales process be considered complete.

Cold chain logistics has become an important part of fresh food retail. Many new ways of retailing rely on logistics innovation. The logistics sector is the most demanding part of retail with the most development potential.

Compared with the broadband Internet, cloud computing, mobile financial services and other sectors that support retail, the logistics sector is more complex, capital occupancy is larger, adjustments take longer, manpower intensive and knowledge structure is uneven, advanced technology applications are less, and reforms Innovation is more difficult.

Cold chain storage and distribution technology based on refrigerant and thermal packaging.

Trunk and branch line transportation is one of the most basic businesses of cold chain logistics, and it is also a relatively standardized and fully socialized business.

Among the new growth points are:
1.Low temperature dedicated line refers tocold chain transportationbelow -18°C, and the main target product is ice cream transportation. Due to the characteristics of the product itself, ice cream will cause irreversible quality damage when the temperature is higher than -18°C (some high-quality products are higher than -20°C) and require high-standard cold chain services . Ice cream is an emerging sales item of e-commerce new retail. In recent years, Internet celebrity merchants have continuously emerged. The sales season has changed from summer to four seasons. The sales scope has also crossed the area where the manufacturer is located, achieving nationwide sales. . Most of these businesses are still growing and will not build factories in various sales locations, but distribute products to cold chain warehouses in various sales cities through cold chain logistics.

2.The cold chain LTL, general cargo LTL has been very developed in social logistics, but the cold chain LTL business has been explored but there has been no climate. At present, the main reason is that the supply of goods is particularly unstable and it is difficult to guarantee the route. Stable departure of the shuttle bus. However, this demand will continue to increase, which is believed to be a new business growth point in the next trunk and branch line transportation;

3. The digitization of the logistics process is also the next development focus. For trunk and branch lines, it is the entire path temperature and temperature recording, realizing real-time data transmission or real-time temperature data recording can be replayed afterwards to facilitate customer inspection, which is also the entire commodity marketing circulation An important link in a large traceability link.

System interoperability and solution solution

Emerging marketing formats represented by fresh and new retail require cold chain logistics cooperative companies to have close business binding with them, quickly complete their assigned tasks, return corresponding result information, and make timely decisions based on market and business changes Responding to the rapid adjustment of logistics plans, these require that the business processing system of cold chain logistics practitioners can be closely connected with the corresponding systems of upstream and downstream partners, and can be updated and iterated quickly.

At the same time, retailers' requirements for cold chain logistics services are longer than in the past, the process is more complicated, and the network is developing.

If the logistics industry has a professional team to help retailers carry out the logistics process design and operation control of the entire supply chain, and provide overall logistics solutions and system support according to the customer's business conditions, the logistics operator will become the retailer's logistics partner. Will be more favored by the market.
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