Cold chain Logistics for Fresh Food
Sep , 04 2020

Cold Chain Logistics for Fresh Food

Fresh food consumption is the consumption that everyone must make.In short term, it is likely to produce temporary impulsive consumption behavior, but in the medium and long term, this is a  planned consumption.

Constrained by consumers' requirements for the quality of food ingredients and restrictions on refrigeration and freezing conditions at home, there will be almost no significant hoarding consumption, most of which are based on immediate or two or three days consumption demand as the main purchase demand, which is a high frequency and small batch Purchasing consumption, which means that fresh retailers are competing in a stock market.

With the rapid development of new fresh retail in recent years, the original traditional fresh retail businesses are being quickly eliminated or they have joined the new retail wave. The urban fresh food market has been broken and new fresh retailers have already The rapid market expansion brought about by the withdrawal of traditional businesses can no longer be obtained, and the competition has begun to enter a fierce stage.

At the same time, more and more capital giants have taken a fancy to the fresh food market, which is a large plate of trillions, and have joined the competition. Their entry this round is not only for fresh retail and fresh food logistics. , But from the origin of agricultural production, to trunk and branch line transportation logistics distribution, as well as its own independent flow entrance and retail channels of the entire supply chain investment.

Fresh new retail has already begun to enter a new stage of competition across the fresh food cold chainsupply. It may be said that it is the beginning of the fourth stage of fresh new retail.

Fresh products have a large number of categories, low standardization, short shelf life, easy corruption, long-distance spatial displacement of origin and sales, time displacement between seasonal production and annual sales, and the maturity point and yield are affected by weather, pests and diseases. Our food cold chain box has become one of the most important means to solve the above problems.

The cold chain refers to the whole process of circulation in which the product is always in its suitable storage temperature environment. The specific links include pre-cooling at the origin, cold storage in the origin warehouse, cold storage/allocation in the regional center warehouse, cold storage in the front warehouse and order package group Distribution, trunk/branch line transportation, urban distribution, terminal distribution, etc. Combining different commodities, food cold chain logistics can be divided into the cold chain for agricultural products, animal products, sea/aquatic products, dairy products, chocolate and candy,  alcohol, and baked cakes, etc. .

Specific to the cold chain of fresh home distribution, it has the advantages of coexistence and co-transport in multiple temperature zones, tight space in each link, strong operation timeliness, high accuracy, short fulfillment radius, high packaging proportion, strict hygiene requirements, and large peak-to-valley difference Features.

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