What should we paid attention to the cold storage temperature of medicines? 2020-11-06

The temperature and humidity requirements of GSP for the refrigerated storage of the drugs are: temperature: 2°C-10°C, biological agents: 2-8°C, relative humidity: 45%-75%. In actual operation, the refrigeration temperature is generally controlled at about 5 degrees. Medicines of different properties have different requirements for storage temperature. For example, vaccines must be stored and transported at 2-8 degrees (called secondary chain). Drugs that are not chemically stable and temperature-sensitive, such as biogenic powder injections and some biological products, generally need to be stored at  2°C-10°C ( called cool condition).The other one ,which is relatively stable, such as tablets and capsules will be stored at room temperature (0-30 degrees).

What should we paid attention to the cold storage temperature of medicines?

All medicines that will deteriorate or deform under high temperature should be stored in a low temperature environment of 210. If the indoor requirements are not met in summer, these medicines should be kept in a freezer or passive cooler box. At the same time, unpacked medicines  are also recommended to be stored in a freezer in order to prevent their deterioration. Some traditional Chinese medicinal materials are easy to get insects after being damp in summer, so storing them in a refrigerator is an effective method.

All medicines should be stored in accordance with the storage conditions stated in the instructions. It is important to note that some medicines are particularly sensitive to heat, such as some stomach medicines: lactase, pepsin, and insulin for diabetics. They must be kept in a refrigerator. For some loose tablets or capsules, if they are stored at room temperature, be sure to use dark glass bottle.

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